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Studio Forty Seven is a Brooklyn based design studio focusing on androgynous bespoke silver jewelry.


This journal is intended to express the intentions and actions associated with Studio Forty Seven. It gives an opportunity for people to delve into my thoughts as I document my design process.

The Ephemeral Ring

Tomer Emmar


1. lasting for a very short time.
2. can also refer to a fast-deteriorating nature of an object to a person.


In the past few months, I have been fascinated by the impermanent and transient nature of the human experience. 

The Ephemeral Ring is the materialization of the future emerging from the fleeting yet perpetual present moment. The plated exterior is meant to wear out over time revealing the distinct design underneath its original surface. In essence, the intended function of the 14k gold plating is to create a ‘structured’ transformation over time.


The Ephemeral Ring is a concept designed to provide an additional level of dimensionality to the jewelry. The purpose of the Ephemeral Ring is to challenge the prevalent notion of plated jewelry. Instead of using 14k gold plating to cover a base metal such as copper or brass, this concept celebrates the process as an integral part of the core aesthetic of the object itself.

Design Specs
Material: 14k Gold Plated Sterling Silver + 14k Gold Inlay
Process: 3D Printed Wax Resin // Cast Sterling Silver // 14k Gold Inlay // 14k Gold Plating

The Ephemeral Ring will be on display, for a limited time, at the Macchiarini Creative Design Gallery from August to October, 2017.