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Studio Forty Seven is a Brooklyn based design studio focusing on androgynous bespoke silver jewelry.


This journal is intended to express the intentions and actions associated with Studio Forty Seven. It gives an opportunity for people to delve into my thoughts as I document my design process.

Take Care

Tomer Emmar

Jewelry Care Instructions

Studio Forty Seven wants you to enjoy your jewelry for years to come, and perhaps, pass them on eventually. You may ask yourself, how shall I care for my jewelry? Below are some suggestions to ensure longevity for your jewelry.


Studio Forty Seven's collection is designed for every day use with comfort and durability in mind. Naturally, silver has an inclination to oxidize and age in unique ways. If you would like to avoid the darkening of the surface, it is suggested you avoid wearing your jewelry while showering, bathing, cleaning, or exercising; make sure to remove jewelry before applying any lotions or using harsh solvents.


To maintain a shiny surface on your jewelry, Studio Forty Seven recommends that you use a jewelry polishing cloth. Typically, a polishing cloth usually has two sides, one for cleaning and another for buffing. Cleaning your jewelry regularly can help prevent the dull or cloudy look on the surface of your jewelry. 


For everyday use, Studio Forty Seven recommends that you use a dedicated space to store your jewelry. You can simply use a tray or one of Studio Forty Seven's ring holders.

For traveling purposes and long term storage, Studio Forty Seven recommends that you store your pieces separately in the small microfiber bag provided with your purchase. This will ensure maximum protection so that pieces do not damage one another.