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Brooklyn, NY 11221

Studio Forty Seven is a Brooklyn based design studio focusing on androgynous bespoke silver jewelry.


This journal is intended to express the intentions and actions associated with Studio Forty Seven. It gives an opportunity for people to delve into my thoughts as I document my design process.

Branding Studio Forty Seven

Tomer Emmar

I find myself frequently facing the question "what does forty seven mean?," so, to all those who wonder, here it is. 

I choose Studio Forty Seven because at the moment I'm focusing on bespoke silver jewelry; the 47th element in the periodic table is silver (Ag), hence the name.  

Many jewelers and designers name their studios after their own names; typically first name and last name followed by an anchoring word such as designs or jewelry. My desire was to brand something that could expand and develop beyond what it started as; create something dynamic with potential for growth. That's why I didn't anchor the idea to my name.  ☺️

Additionally, when I look into the future, I can vision the studio expanding. Studio Forty Seven resonated with me because the name has the ability to transform. I hope to, one day, partner with people, transform it into a collective, feature other artists, or experiment with other materials or avenues without having to rethink the image of the brand in the context of what it is or what it means.  

The name Studio Forty Seven is relevant to its inception, yet it has the ability to expand into something new while maintaining its heritage and where it all started.