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Studio Forty Seven is a Brooklyn based design studio focusing on androgynous bespoke silver jewelry.


This journal is intended to express the intentions and actions associated with Studio Forty Seven. It gives an opportunity for people to delve into my thoughts as I document my design process.

The Intention

Tomer Emmar


When I started thinking and conceptualizing my work, I wanted it to be meaningful to the spirit of the wearer. I started thinking about the idea more deeply than how jewelry is seen on the surface level and I looked into the history of jewelry. I found that throughout history, people traditionally adorned themselves in jewelry as an attempt to denote status; a symbolic association with a tribe, social class, or even a rank.

My intention with designing for Studio Forty Seven is to shift the materialistic aspect of jewelry into an opportunity for the wearer to associate it with a positive feeling or an intention; perhaps both.

I started researching different aspects of psychology and I came across the theory of Psychological Essentialism

Essentialism is the view that, for any specific entity (such as an animal, a group of people, a physical object, a concept), there is a set of attributes which are necessary to its identity and function.[1] In Western thought the concept is found in the work of Plato and AristotlePlatonic idealism is the earliest known theory of how all known things and concepts have an essential reality behind them (an "Idea" or "Form"), an essence that makes those things and concepts what they are

Essentialism is a conceptual worldview that is not dependent on objective facts and measurements, it is not limited to empirical understanding or the objective way of looking at things.